Every E-commerce website is always on the lookout for a good delivery service that will deliver its products at reasonable rates. However, with so many companies it is hard to pick out a logistics services that is reasonable as well as covers the most ground and has the highest success rate.

Here is a checklist of among the top logistics companies within the Indian that may provide help to to pick a best courier service company.

How you can choose courier service company:

Choosing a courier option for an e-commerce business is one of the toughest decisions that business owners have to make. The sad truth of the matter is that there is no one size fits all solutions for this problem.The size of every company, their delivery rate and their budget everything is different. As finding the perfect solution can get a little tricky, in most cases the hit and trial method is the best way to get hooked with the right service. However, a little knowledge about the many companies in the market can also make it easy to choose a best service.

The primary options for E-commerce retailers:

So far as choices are involved E-commerce retailers have a complete of three major choices. These options are:

       1) Creating own logistics division

Charming as the idea may sound; it is also the priciest one as it would also require a hefty investment on your part. While the option of having one’s own logistics division does have its perks, which are

  • Complete control over how the products get delivered.
  • Increases the faith of customer’s in your brand as they see that you take full responsibility of all your interactions with them.

But the fact remains the same; it is a very hefty investment. Not only do you need a lot of capital but you also require a lot of warehouse space spread all over the area where you plan to begin your deliveries from. The biggest of all Ecommerce companies, Amazon has been able to create its own logistics division (Amazon Transport Service). Flipkart, India’s biggest online retailer began with its logistics division in the year 2010 at a time when the company had already gained a stable footing all over India. Flipkart’s Ekart logistics division has even started offering its logistics services to other eCommerce competitors in the market.

      2) Giving all responsibilities to 3rd party service provider

If you don’t have the capital or the space to invest in a plan then, you can hand over the complete logistics department to well-recognized courier companies. In order to do that, you need first check their track record with different companies.

It is best go for companies that provide reasonable rates and have a stable track record.  The only drawback of this option is for eCommerce stores that have just started out and have a low volume of deliveries, they end up getting billed heavily. This automatically has an impact on their profit margins.

      3) To work jointly with a third party Service

To work jointly with a third party service is like taking up their services on a loan. You will have to talk to them separately and come up with a deal depending upon the amount of expected deliveries that you plan to make on a monthly or yearly basis.

Following are the top 6 courier service company in India

1) FedEx

fedex logo

Here’s the thing with FedEx, it has an excellent delivery service and fairly competitive prices in the areas it does provide its services. However, the fact that its coverage area is comparatively less FedEx may not be a reliable candidate for eCommerce websites that plan to depend solely on it and no other courier services for the purposes of logistics.

Pin code  
COD Charges


dtdc logo

DTDC has been providing its services since the year 1990. They currently have a network of over 10,000 pin codes spread all over the country.  Although, DTDC originated from India it has expanded to a level that, it currently provides its services to over 240 other countries.

Pin code    10,000
COD Charges


3) XpressBees

xpressbees logo

Sure, this will come as a shock to many, however the XpressBees is definitely one of the crucial dependable eCommerce supply companies up to now. They’ve the very best protection and most reliability that has been vouched for by their years of service.

At present, no different service can beat them on the grounds which they cowl. Even by way of value, they’re as reasonably priced as a logistics service can get.

Pin code  
COD Charges


4) BlueDart

bluedart logo

Blue Dart is one the most logistics services currently spread in India. Their prices may be slightly more than what you bargained for, but in terms of services and customer satisfaction they have a pretty awesome record.

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COD Charges


5) Aramex

aramex logo

Everyone who has searched about logistics services has heard the name of Aramex. But do they hold a candle to their brand value? Well, the answer is less than pleasing. An amateur planning on using their services might feel that they cover everything within his needs. Their experiential statistics might even point him to think that Aramex is the best in the business.

Pin code  
COD Charges


6) Zipping Logistics’s Automated Courier Answer

For newbies within the eCommerce market, choosing up a transport service won’t be as easy. In any case supply costs are an enormous concern for you and lacking out on any potential market just because your logistics service doesn’t operate, there may be too robust a press release to make.

It is going to be finest so that you can go for an automatic answer that makes use of a mixture of those logistics service so that you could broaden your companies to the utmost space with out spending greater than you want to.

Zipping is the reply to your name. Zipping.in is the fastest growing courier aggregator service catering to individual, businesses and the eCommerce segment. It has tie-ups with DTDC, XpressBees, Aramex, Delhivery, Mahabali and many others coming soon. It offers FREE Registration as well as FREE Membership. There are No Monthly Charges or upfront fees and there are no commitments of shipments as well.

It mechanically integrates along with your system and offers you the most cost effective possibility relying on the supply space.

With the multiple courier company tie-ups, Zipping at the moment offers its companies in over 15000 pin codes all over India

To know extra about Zipping go surfing to http://www.zipping.in 

Pin code   15000
Charges    Starting Rs. 24 per 500 grams
COD Charges Starting Rs. 35


After reviewing all this info it’ll get simpler so that you can pick a logistics service in your web site.

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